Monday, July 12, 2004

We Are Floating In The Same White Space

  • still taken from short film 'Sweet Marie', courtesy of The Toronto StarThanks to Kenneth whose site provided the answer to my question regarding what the name of the song is in the current Toronto Star advertisement playing in movie theatres. [note: I came across Kenneth's site after perusing my Sitemeter records which included a Google referral searching the song's lyrics "We are floating in the same white space" and which results in my site as well as Kenneth's site coming up as matches in Google. Lo and behold, the answer to my question.] The song is called "White Space" and is by artist Jason Williams.

    Check out the full length version of the ad[short film] entitled "Sweet Marie" here [There are also other short films for your viewing pleasure.]

    The combination of music and video is achingly beautiful.

    All the more emphasized by brevity's words.

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