Thursday, July 08, 2004

They are trying to break my heart

  • photo courtesy of ...'Wilco why do you mock me?!'It's been a crazy couple of days waiting and trying to get tickets to the Wilco show in Toronto on August 3, 2004 at The Mod Club Theatre. And what do I have to show for it. Absolutely nothing.

    Edge 102.1 FM first announced that tickets would go on sale on Tuesday[July 6/04] of this week. So Tuesday morning, I'm checking, even calling Ticketmaster on the phone, and I find out that tickets have not been released. Why? Who the heck knows. Then that day, Wilco's web site says that tickets will first be available online through their web site on Wednesday[July 7/04]. So I check Wednesday, see the horrendous price including delivery fees and a total price which I had assumed was in U.S. dollars, and I decided to wait till Thursday when tickets would be available through Tickmaster as well as a small quantity of tickets available at Toronto indie record store, Rotate This.

    This morning, I'm all ready to check Ticketmaster at 10 am when tickets are suppose to go on sale. Mind you, I'm at work[I work in customer service within the provincial government] and about a quarter to 10 in the morning, I have to see a client who's come in to the office. I go about my job, talking to the client, and what have you. I walk back to my desk because I need to grab some forms or something for the client, I glance down at my watch, it's about ten after 10, and it hits me like a punch in the face: shit, I forgot about the Wilco tickets! I drop what I'm doing, log on to, enter my quantity of tickets[1], go through the word verification screen, [at this point, I was pretty confident I'd get a ticket] and my worst fears were confirmed: no tickets available. I think I went through the process about 10 times and nothing. I tried calling Ticketmaster by phone but I never got through. At one point, I accepted the fact that tickets were sold out, but I was pissed off that when I called Ticketmaster by phone, the damn message kept on saying 'for Wilco 5'. Why can't they f!*kin' change the message without having to rub it in my face? [I've lost all rationality at this point...I know they would have eventually changed the message.] On impulse, I drove down to Rotate This on my lunch break to see if they had tickets, and no such luck...apparently, according to a comment at chromewaves, there was a lineup there this morning. The two glimmers of hope are 1) getting tickets from scalpers and 2) the talk on the 20hz 'Wilco' message board that these tour dates, are only a warm up for a proper tour of bigger venues in the fall. Well let's hope that's true.

    Anything good come out of this experience? Not really, except for pop (all love) linking yesterday to the 20hz 'Wilco' message board [where I read all the drama and anxiety of fans 'trying' to get tickets] and I finally finding a replacement message board for The Secret Arcade Network [which basically tanked after they had gotten rid of the regional(eg. Toronto) message boards...what were they thinking?]...Oh and I finally bought my ticket for the Olympic Island concert featuring Sloan and others[hopefully I get some friends to go to], because ever since finding out Broken Social Scene's going to be there, no way am I going to miss that.

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