Wednesday, January 04, 2006

For A Decade Of Sin

'A Decade Of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records'Anyone who went to the intimate Neko Case show at the Rivoli tonight(which I'm totally down about not getting tickets for), hope you had a good time. I'm looking forward to the reviews/photos and maybe a soundboard/audience recording if anyone is so generous. Next best thing to going to the show perhaps, I went and bought the Bloodshot Records compilation "For A Decade Of Sin: 11 Years Of Bloodshot Records" for $19.99 over at Soundscapes. As it states over at the label website, the CD collection contains '42 song, 2 disc collection with a 24-page color booklet featuring only NEW and PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED TRACKS'. I'm looking forward to listening to this. No Neko song, but still this collection looks amazing. Download a couple of mp3's(scroll down; left sidebard under 'Downloads') from the collection.

Zoilus reports that tickets for the February 3rd and 4th Sadies shows(featuring a multitude of guests including Neko, Kelly Hogan, etc) at Lee's Palace will go on sale January 6th. Tickets $25.00 at Ticketmaster/Rotate This/Soundscapes/Horseshoe. This'll be sweaty fun!

Concert announcments via Pollstar, Mazarin(confirmed at their website) will be opening The Walkmen show at Lee's Palace on January 28th, and drumroll please, Isobel Campbell will be at Revival in Toronto on March 4th. Tickets for Isobel's show will sell like hotcakes, I'm sure.

This morning, CBC Radio's The Current featured discussions on the state of the indie music scene/industry with comments from Dave Bidini of The Rheostatics and Mike Usinger music editor of The Straight. The discussion continued with an indie music panel which included Michael Barclay(Exclaim columnist/CBC Radio Brave New Waves researcher), Jenny Toomey(executive director of Future of Music Coalition/and all-around indie rock goddess!!), and Michael Azerrad, music writer and author of "Our Band Could Be Your Life"[buy]. Listen here. [via e-mail update from Helen Spitzer of cleverLazy and CFRU]

Goldkixx reports that The Diableros have signed to Baudelaire, Torontonian home to Tangiers. No confirmation about this over at the band website or the label website, but then why would anyone want to lie about this.

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