Thursday, January 05, 2006


Neko CaseFortunate ones like chromewaves, monkeyboy @ Porchlight(Neko Case Message Forums - registration required) and chartattack were at Neko Case's intimate show at the Rivoli in Toronto yesterday. Let's all read their reviews of Neko's apparently wonderful show, then go sob in our beer.

Update: Also check out Rock // Paper // Pixels' weak-at-the-knees lovely photos of Neko at the Rivoli.

Courtesy of Ants on the Melon (via Google Video) watch a couple of live videos of Neko performing in Austin at Antones sometime during the summer of 2005. Watch Neko perform a Hank Williams cover, as well as a new song(which I just realized is "Dirty Knife" which will be on Neko's new album "Fox Confessor Brings The Flood"). "Dirty Knife" is soooo goosebump-inducing. You can also download the videos at the Ants on the Melon link above.

Also while perusing the Porchlight forums, I was lead to Neko's artist page at Shorefire which has some interesting promotional material/photos/illustrations I hadn't seen before.

Oh and I also found out that Neko has a MySpace site, although it's quite bare at the moment. If I had a MySpace site I'd be her friend. [photo credit: Victoria Renard]
In concert news, Ladytron will be at The Opera House in Toronto on April 20th. [via The Windish Agency]

Matt, in the comments to my previous post, said that Isobel Campbell's show at Revival on March 4th is part of Canadian Music Week. This prompted me to check out the Canadian Music Week site; I didn't see Isobel's name mentioned but I did see the 2006 festival artist lineup. Looks better than last year. I'm excited that Tina Dico, Bella, The Diableros, Jon Rae Fletcher and The River and Great Lake Swimmers, to name but a few, will be a part of this.

As already reported by Brooklyn Vegan, More Cowbell and seemingly every other music blogger, the Belle and Sebastian/New Pornographers travelling road show will come to Toronto for a show at The Docks on February 25th. Screw The Docks, but damn if that'll keep me away.

And lastly, thanks to my nephew for bringing to my attention that my cousin appears in k-os' video for his song "The Love Song" which I caught a portion on Muchmusic tonight. My cousin is a breakdancer and a good one at that. Me...I think I can do a backspin.

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