Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Living Proof

Cat PowerCat Power's new album "The Greatest" was released officially yesterday. Although I've had her album "Moon Pix" for AGES, I've hardly given it a listen. However, with the Matador Records promotional machine as well as music blogger enthusiasm being in full gear the last several months, it's been difficult to ignore her. I finally broke down and listened to her new single "The Greatest"[mp3] a month or two ago(I even bought a copy of the 99 cent vinyl 7-inch) and it's a lovely lush piano/string-laden composition made all the better by Ms. Marshall's hush vocals. I sampled the album at the soundpost at Soundscapes today and decided to purchase it. It should me keep busy over the cold winter months.

The new music video for Cat Power's song "Living Proof" premiered on MTV2[and I suspect that Muchmusic's The Wedge will premiere it this Friday] this past Sunday. Right now you can watch it online(click on 'Videos', scroll down to the video and wait for it to load). [via Tim O Thompson] I can forsee outcrys from both Muslims and Christians. (Do I hear the cries of "Blasphemy!"?) But really, it's not an offensive video by any means. Abstract, yes. However, you know someone's going to complain. ...Also check out the video(use same link/instructions above) of Ms. Marshall talking with MTV2 about some of the Memphis musicians who helped her out on her new album. [photo credit: Wendy Lynch - more photos]

chartattack gives some press to Toronto's Wavelength weekly music series which'll be celebrating its 300th edition with a string of shows taking place at various Toronto venues from February 9th to 12th. The band lineups(plus panel speakers and topics) for each night can be read over at chartattack.

Young and Sexy will be making their way eastward through Alberta, the Prairies, and into Ontario and so far the only show in these parts will be in Hamilton ON on April 23 at Corktown Tavern. No word on a Toronto date yet. Listen to "Curious Organ" from their new album "Panic When You Find It"(released February 14th through Mint Records) over at their MySpace site.

And by the way, Mint Records is FINALLY in the process of redesigning their website!

The Brunettes(newly signed to Sub Pop) are opening the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah show at Lee's Palace on April 8th. Although it's sold out apparently, Neiles Life points out the likelihood of this show moving to a larger venue, because well, CYHSY mentioned this on their MySpace site.

According to Rotate This, Cuff The Duke have a show at The Mod Club on March 2nd. 19+ show, tickets $15.00. The Old Soul will also be performing. chartattack has a list of the rest of Cuff The Duke's tourdates which'll take the band through Ontario through February and mid March then westward from late March into early April.

And lastly, the following news is really of no use to me since I'm NOT going to SXSW but Junkmedia report that they recently received a 'hot tip' that Superchunk are confirmed to play this year's festival. Those of you going to the festival, do with this information what you choose.

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