Thursday, April 15, 2004

Ch-Check it out!

  • There was a bit of bad news with the annoucement of Wilco cancelling the first 8 dates of its U.S. tour, including the Coachella date, especially since my friend and I are planning on going and I was really hoping to see them live for the first time.....So how are my Coachella plans going? Well, I've already bought the concert tickets. The plane ticket and car rental should be no problem, but the hard part is finding a motel/lodging[and its my own fault for leaving it only two weeks before the departure date]. There seems to be no vacancies for May 1 and May 2 within the vicinity of the Coachella festival. Hey, I was almost considering camping, but then I checked out the Coachella site, and even that is sold out. I swear that before the weekend has ended, I'll have booked everything. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I don't want to have to sleep in a rental car.

  • The Beastie Boys site has had some recent updates including 1) the announcement of the title and tracklisting of the new record and, 2) that the new Beastie Boys' single "Ch-Check it Out" will debut on "The O.C." . ....Y'know, what...I got to check this show out, because first I heard a Clinic song on one episode, then I read that they've played Death Cab for Cutie on the show, and now the Beastie Boys. Is the show nearly as good as its soundtrack? I will be the judge. [I also heard a New Pornographer's song on yesterday's episode of "Gilmore Girls"; who said television is bad!?]

    p.s. check out the snazzy Beastie Boys banner I added to the right!
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