Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Friday

  • Being it Good Friday, I don't usually do anything except relax at home, watch a movie, read the paper, eat something of the 'fish' variety and so on, but I saw the following concert listing[for tonight] in the current issue of Eye Weekly which takes 'gimmick' to a new level:

    LIVE TRIBUTE: THE PASSION OF THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN feat Death From Above, Nassau, The Pariahs, The Disraelis, Audiobomb, Space Elevator, Snowy Owl, Another Blue Crew, The Two Koreas, The I Spys, more. See This Week. Silver Dollar. $6.

    The play on words; I love it!

  • I've decided to change the title of my blog to 'For the records' [get it ... ;-) ]. I see that 'For the record' has already been used by several people... and honestly I can't think of any thing better at the moment.

  • Looking forward to seeing Stereolab live tomorrow at the Phoenix in Toronto!

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