Tuesday, April 27, 2004

First to Finish, Last to Start

  • The main man Ted Leo's been posting his thoughts of his recent mini-tour (see his 'news' update dated April 26, 2004) which took him down through the U.S. to SXSW and then back up to Canada. He's posted some thoughts for gigs up to February 16/04. Can't wait for his thoughts about the Toronto show on March 25 which I went to. I personally was euphoric about the whole experience! He also mentions that he is in the process of finishing up some new songs for the new album which he'll be recording in 3 weeks. ....Note to Ted: Your news update yesterday promised that you'd finish posting your thoughts on your mini-tour 'tomorrow'...umm...'tomorrow' is now 'today'...and no update...inquiring minds want to know! :-)

  • some article links below about a couple of decent bands (I'm being lazy today with the links; but I will mention that Trash Can Sinatras are severely underrated and underappreciated; I only wish that they would play a show in Canada!):

    - PopMatters: "Say to Me, Where Have You Been?": The Pixies Roar Back After 12 Years(April 21, 2004)

    - PopMatters: THE "C" WORD: The Trash Can Sinatras Are Back(April 12, 2004)

  • I feel like I should mention the Guided By Voices breakup but then you probably already know. I will say that I have seen GBV live three times [once opening for Urge Overkill, I believe around 96', and twice headlining within the last 3 years, most recently in November 2003]. GBV never fail to impress me live. Most GBV fans'll probably wince but I I like their CD 'Isolation Drills' the best, just because it's the one CD of theirs that I have listened to the most. Ranking a close second is 'Bee Thousand', which I do not own on CD but do have on vinyl; coincidentally, 'Bee Thousand' was the first vinyl record of an indie-rock band which I purchased, back in the mid-90's. The saddest part of the whole thing [and I'd also liken this to, say, my favourite television show ending eg. Seinfeld, X-files] is knowing that the likelihood of another band coming close to the genious of GBV is near impossible. So I'm sorry to see the 'band' go, but happy to read that Mr. Pollard'll still be recording. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, life goes on.