Saturday, April 24, 2004

Slack, Motherf*!ker

  • controller.controller spring tourdates are up at the official site. The mostly Canadian tour will also include an opening slot for Franz Ferdinand [what's their deal? I still really haven't heard their music] as well as several dates in New York City. I hope the band receives a warm response in the Big Apple. ...[That Franz Ferdinand opening slot(in Toronto no less)....I smell an upstage. :-) ]

  • A couple of days ago, Pitchfork mentioned yet another Jay-Z 'Black Album' mashup...and this time it's with Pavement's classic 'Slanted and Enchanted' lp. And what's more is that both albums have 14 tracks each and the resulting mashup has been done track-by-track using the original album track order. Does it work? Well you be the judge. The album is available via BitTorrent from the official Slack Album website. ... If anything, it's interesting.

  • Thanks again to mishie, Wily Filipino and Largehearted Boy who added me to their audioscrobbler friend's list. And I've returned the sentiment by adding them to mine. Check out their blogs because they put mine to shame...hey, give me time and my blog'll look all nice and pretty once I can stop procrastinating and develop the ol' HTML skills. :-)

  • I'd like to post some thoughts about Kill Bill: Vol II which I saw last Tuesday but I've encountered a mental block[not uncommon for me ;-) ]. Stay tuned for a review in the future.
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