Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Ticketmaster is Evil

Ticketmaster is evil...ok not quite. No, I won't go on a rant about high service charges but I'd like to comment on the following two issues:

  • 1) the customer service reps who answer the phone and apparently are inadequetely trained, and,

  • 2) the inconsistencies of delivery options of tickets available for Canadian residents vs. the rest of the world.

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  • First, I'm willing to give customer service reps a break...I, myself work in customer service within a government department and have had my share of bad days taking phonecalls[not to mention speaking with people in person]...but the idiots at Ticketmaster or at least the two reps I spoke to today 1) sounded like the most disinterested individuals ever, 2) didn't seem to have a clue to how to respond to my questions; I basically asked them whether as a Canadian resident, I could somehow qualify to receive tickets through ticketFast, their new tickets-by-email option; I did read the FAQ on the website and it apparently said that if the concert was in the U.S., then the ticketFast option would NOT be available to Canadian residents; when I asked the Ticketmaster reps if they could verify that, they seemed to have no clue about what ticketFast was. I was actually hoping if there was a possibility for me[as a Canadian resident] to use the ticketFast option, but f!*k, they didn't even know what ticketFast was! I was almost quoting the FAQ to them, and that just seemed to confuse them even more.

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  • So as I tried to order tickets through the Ticketmaster website, the only delivery options available at this point in time, were a variety of mailing options for U.S. CUSTOMERS, and the 'will call' option for INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS. So I figured, I can order my tickets as an international customer, and then pick up the tickets at the 'will call' window of the venue. But then I realized when I tried to input my billing address, that 'Canada' was not included in the 'country' drop-down box on the web site. Then I read the 'delivery methods' information more closely and it said that 'international will-call' is for customers outside of the U.S. AND Canada...I know Ticketmaster had a mailing option for tickets ordered by Canadian customers as recently as last week, but I think that option is not available now because Ticketmaster cannot guarantee to deliver the tickets in time anymore. ....My big beef is two-fold: 1)why can't the ticketFast option be available for Canadian residents trying to order tickets for a U.S. concert, when if the concert was in Canada, U.S. residents would be able to use ticketFast and, 2) why are international customers still given the option of 'will-call' but not Canadian residents.
    I'm pissed off.

    My main concern was that I was trying to order Belle and Sebastian tickets for their gig in San Diego on May 3, 2004. As, I mentioned in previous posts, my buddy and I are going to Coachella, but when I found out that Belle and Sebastian were playing in San Diego the weekend after Coachella, I wept tears of joy[ok, not really but I was excited]. But alas, there is no way for me to reserve tickets for the show. It is a slight consolation that Belle and Sebastian will be at Coachella [although I anticipate their set length not being as long as a regular show]. My only other alternative is that when my buddy and I fly in to Los Angeles on April 30, that we purchase the Belle and Sebastian tickets for the San Diego show through a Ticketmaster outlet right away. I just hope it doesn't get sold out. My fingers are crossed.

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