Sunday, April 18, 2004

That Girl

  • Muchmusic was playing the the Black-Eyed Peas video for the song "Weekend" which features guest vocals from Canada's own Esthero. And then that got me thinking. What ever happened to her? She was and still is my favourite 'urban' music artist to ever come out of Canada. Her "Breath from Another" CD [which was actually more of a collaborative effort between Esthero [vocals] and her parner-in-crime Doc [production] is an amazing blend of trip-hop, hip-hop, drum n' bass, and pop. So after a little bit of searching on the 'net, estheronline [which I came to vis-a-vis the message board at Sirens of Song] reports that a new album will be released soon! Sirens of Song reports that the new album is entitled "Wikked Lil Grrrls" and should be released by April [hey it's April now, but so far no news of a release date?!] I'm crossing my fingers this just isn't hearsay, or the release date isn't pushed back. Hey, Nelly Furtado proved that urban music can cross-over to a mainstream audience...I'm hoping that Esthero has similar success.
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