Wednesday, April 14, 2004

What the Hell, boy?

  • Not knowing anything about the comic book, Hellboy [the movie] is quite entertaining on its own merits. I don't have much to say and I don't want to overanalyze it but here's the rundown. It's around the time of WWII, when the Nazi's are testing a machine which can apparently open a vortex to Hell, supposedly to summon dark forces to aid them in their conquest of world domination. The Allies have managed to covertly locate the Nazi's whereabouts and been told by the paranormal scientist accompanying them that they must stop the Nazi's from opening up the vortex. Well too late. The Nazi's do open up the Vortex, the Allies attempt and succeed to stop the device, but according to the paranormalist, the vortex has been open too long and there is the possibility that something may have come through. Lo' and behold, they stumble upon a young demon that has managed to come through the vortex. They name him 'Hellboy'. Fast-forward to present day and apparently Hellboy has been trained by a covert government agency to aid them against paranormal activities.

    The movie is directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who also directed Blade II. Hellboy has a similar stylized look as Blade II and is a an eye-pleasing film to watch. Where Hellboy succeeds is that it entertains the viewer; the movie provides a minimum amount of background information to bring the viewer up to speed, incorporates elements such as a love story to develop the emotional depth of 'Hellboy' without ever drowing itself in over-explanation, and primarily the film flows from scene to scene without ever losing your interest [well at least in my opinion].

    'Hellboy' is a multi-faceted character; masculine, hard-headed, cigar-toting', muscle-bound he-man. But then quite self-conscious and vulnerable when it comes to his romantic attraction to Selma Blair's character.

    And I can't remember a time when Selma Blair was cuter. :-) [Hellboy movie stills]

    [ I took the following quote of Ms Blair's from, and it only makes her more sexier:

    "I've always felt like a tomboy but especially beside Christina [Applegate] and Cameron [Diaz]. God bless anyone who looks at the three of us in one frame and still finds me sexy."
    -Selma Blair, on her The Sweetest Thing co-stars. ]

    I guess I broke my promise about over-analysis. ;-)
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