Monday, April 19, 2004

You can't, you won't, and you don't stop

  • music: The official Beastie Boys site is under construction but you can sign up to receive site updates by e-mail. Check out the snazzy scrolling image of the old New York waterfront! And with the new album titled "To the 5 Boroughs" I can't help but think there's a "Gangs of New York" [ie. Five Points] concept behind all this.

  • concerts: The first week of May could be just about the best week of concerts in my whole life if I manage to go to all of them:

    • May 1-2: Coachella [Indio, California] -> my buddy and I are going and I'm totally psyched! Concert tickets are purchased. Plane tickets booked. So far booked a motel for the evening of Sunday May 2. Still looking for lodging on May 1. Don't want to sleep in a rental car. That reminds me; I still have to book a rental car. Thank God for [how's that for an endorsement! please make cheques out to Michael ... ;-) ]

    • May 3: Belle and Sebastian [San Diego, California] -> I saw B & S the first time they came to Toronto a couple of years ago but I missed their last show in Toronto last year. Hey, since I'll be in California and San Diego is only two hours or so away by car, I'm strongly considering catching B & S' show.

    • May 6: we're catching a plane back home to Canada.

    • May 7: The Dears [Toronto, Ontario] -> I have a day off work [although you don't think I'd actually go to work on a Friday after being on vacation for a week, do you?]. But then The Dears are playing at Lee's Palace in the evening! BTW, The Dears website news update today says that they "...are putting together live concert recordings, due out this fall. It features a 20 minute, border-line un-listenable first half of Pinned Together, Falling Apart." Woohoo!

    • May 8: Sondre Lerche [Toronto, Ontario] -> Sondre Lerche is playing at the Horseshoe Tavern! ... and it's my b-day!

  • TV: I just finished watching a bit of the television show, "Scare Tactics", and man, that is totally f!*ked up. There was a young woman babysitting a girl, and the girl was frightening the babysitter by startling her dressed in a black hood and white mask. So she told the little girl to stop scaring her. The young woman went back to the living room to read a book, but then a knock at the window caught the young woman's attention, she saw a figure in the window wearing a black hood and white mask, and the woman assumed it was the little girl playing a trick on her. Then the girl came from her room and asked if there was someone knocking on the door. Then all of a sudden this masked person crashed through the window holding a long knife! At that point the woman freaked out! ...As I said, this is one f!*ked up show. And with friends setting their friends up for this show, who needs enemies.

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