Thursday, April 22, 2004

Going back to Cali

  • The music gods have answered my prayers because when I checked the Ticketmaster web site and checked for Belle and Sebastian tickets for the San Diego show, there was a 'Canadian will-call' option available. A 'will-call' option! Yes, God Almighty, yes! I could purchase tickets and pick them up at the will-call window. [You don't know how much stress I went through when I couldn't purchase tickets yesterday ; see yesterday's post] I don't know how familiar with Ticketmaster's online ordering process you are, but after choosing the number of tickets you would like to purchase, the next screen is a 'word verification' process whereby you must type in a word that appears in this box; this process is a preventitive measure from persons using automated programs to block other people from purchasing tickets]. And you know what the word was for me? ..."BEAMING"... How ironic. 'Beaming' was exactly what I was doing as I placed my order for 2 tickets to see Belle and Sebastian in San Diego! So Coachella on May 1 and 2. Belle and Sebastian on May 3. This is shaping up to be a great trip!...What will I do next?...I'm going to Disneyland! [ok maybe not ;-) ]

  • I added the audioscrobbler plugin for Winamp so check out my profile page if you are so inclined. [For future reference, a link to my audioscrobbler profile page will be in the right side bar, under 'Listening to'.]... If you happen to find alot of top-40, r'n'b, or mainstream hip-hop songs, well those are likely as a result of my 12 year old nephew listening to his mp3's while he and his friends have some 'deep' conversations on MSN Messenger about whatever 12 year kids talk about these days :) ... Thanks to mishie and her blog post yesterday about audioscrobbler for finally convincing me to sign up. Thanks also to Wily Filipino whose blog originally informed me about audioscrobbler.
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