Thursday, August 24, 2006

Caught In A Wave

The 3rd volume of the DVD series "Burn To Shine" was released this past Tuesday August 22. This time the spotlight is on artists from Portland, Oregon. The artists/bands lineup was curated by Chris Funk of The Decemberists. You can purchase it here. DVD Talk has a review.

NOW speaks to Joel Gibb of The Hidden Cameras as Joel speaks of how his band's music is 'ghettoized' in America(I wonder what his thoughts of his music in Canada are). chartattack also spoke to Joel and does admit that Toronto is his whole life. His revelation of a country album(well country-influenced) and an electronic release(for which only one song is recorded) in the works is interesting news. The Hidden Cameras play a free show at Harbourfront - CIBC stage this Saturday night at 9:30 pm. Their latest album "Awoo" was released this past Tuesday in Canada. Did anyone catch their live performanc on MTV Live a few days ago? I missed it. Anyone know where I can download it?

NOW speaks with Jeremy Greenspan of Junior Boys, who latest offering "So This Is Goodbye" was released this past Tuesday. Jeremy, who still lives in Hamilton, ON and has no plans to move to a more metropolitan city, admits his liking for second-tier cities(eg. Hamilton's humble rundown charm) and also admits it as an influence on Junior Boys' music. Junior Boys perform with openers The Russian Futurists this Saturday at El Mocambo.

I think that if I go to The Hidden Cameras show I'll have to leave a tad early to catch The Russian Futurists' set. Does anyone know the set times for the Junior Boys/The Russian Futurists show? Door time on the ticket is 9 pm.

AOL Music has a live session from The Lemonheads who visited them recently. They also have an exclusive new mp3 from them.

Continuuing his Jeff Tweedy post from this past March, Pimps of Gore concludes Volume I of his 100 favourite Jeff Tweedy-penned songs, complete with mp3's.

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