Friday, August 25, 2006

Hey Dad

While it's a little difficult to keep track of Owen Pallett aka Final Fantasy nowadays given that he has neither a MySpace nor his own official website(because of legal wranglings due to Owen using the Final Fantasy moniker), the TomLab MySpace site does indicate that he just completed a tour jaunt through Europe at the beginning of August. Owen performed at Germany's Haldern Pop Festival on August 4, 2006 and someare was there to film it. Thirteen tracks in all, the YouTube links are below(and for YouTube videos these are mighty fine quality!):

01 "That's When The Audience Died"
02 "This Lamb Sells Condos"
03/04 "Hey Dad / CN Tower"
05 "Many Lives 49 MP"
06 "All That They Know"
07 "This Is The Dream Of Win & Regine"
08 "Song Song Song"
09 "The Miner Becomes Forgetful"
10 "Sweet Fantasy"
11 "Close to Peach Plum Pear"
12 "What Do You Think Will Happen Next"
13 "Better Than Worse"

Sloan will be having a record release party at Lula Lounge in Toronto on September 19th. Their website says to check back for details on how to get in. The website also mentions that a complete list of Canadian tour dates should be ready for announcement over the next week. Sloan's Jay Ferguson will be guest DJ'ing this Saturday night at Stones Place in Toronto as part of the Shake A Tail 1 Year Anniversary. In accordance with Shake A Tail's 60's dance party mandate, Jay'll be spinning 60s pop, beat, psyche, ska & soul.

chartattack spoke with Junior Boys' Matt Didemus about the comparative differences between their new album "So This Is Goodbye" and their debut "Last Exit". Junior Boy's Jeremy Greenspan responds rather efficiently to interview questions posed by Stereogum.

Billboard reports on the upcoming live DVD chronicles Jeff Tweedy's 2006 solo tour. Entitled "Sunken Treasure" and featuring 15 performances, the DVD will be released on October 24 through Nonesuch.

The Toronto Sun spoke to local indie promoter Ryan Tobin who calls out Mississauga as an indie music hotbed. Well sort of.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Dad!

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