Thursday, August 03, 2006

Summertime, and the living "ain't" easy

What better example to illustrate the importance of conserving energy than to prevent the band you're going to see live having to cancel the gig because the electricity in the club went out due to an overload of the electrical grid. Pitchfork reports that that was what happened on August 1st when Sleater Kinney was suppose to perform at Washington DC's 9:30 Club. But the gals will be making up the time tonight(August 3rd) at 9 pm EST at same venue and the whole thing will be broadcast live(and subsequently archived) by NPR. Thank God it's a bit cooler today and the outlook for the weekend is good. Anyone see any tornados yesterday?

In advance of their set tonight at Lee's Palace, I point you to a couple articles about Danielson over at Eye Weekly and chartattack. Can't wait to see 'em tonight. I'm not entirely familiar with them. Back in the late 90's I'd actually discovered them(even bought a used copy of one of their older CD's, which I subsequently sold) so they've been on my radar for a while although I could never quite get used to the lead Danielson's vocals. However since seeing the Danielson documentary "Danielson: A Family Movie" during this year's NXNE film festival, which was one of the best music documentaries I've ever seen, I'm a lot more interested in seeing the band live. It should be an interesting set tonight.

Eye Weekly's reporting that The Deadly Snakes are breaking up, so I guess it must be true. I want to check out the last show, but that's my dad's birthday, but we'll see. jagoff over at Stillepost mentions that The Deadly Snakes' Andre Ethier will be performing an instore at Soundscapes on August 8th at 6pm

Billboard reports on yet another series of reissues of Elvis Costello's albums. Universal has attained the rights to his first 11 albums and will be reissuing them as what they describe as the 'definitive reissues'. I wonder how much more music Mr. Costello has lying around in the vaults. Hopefully this means I might be able to pick up some of the Costello Rhino reissues on the cheap.

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