Thursday, August 26, 2004

Just Like Anyone

Soul Asylum (post Grave Dancers' Union): photo from'm looking forward to the release of Soul Asylum's "After the Flood: Live From the Grand Forks Prom" on Sony's Legacy imprint. The new album will be available on the as yet launched on October 19. The CD will not be released until January 11, 2005. There will be no difference in the track listing or price of the online or retail editions of the album. This show happened back in 1997 and in retrospect I vaguely recall this in the news. Apparently this dude was at that prom and got some cool photos including one of the setlist. Now, that's a prom! [news by way of Soul Shine Magazine]

I started getting these e-mail updates from Arts and Crafts recently and one of the updates said that Broken Social Scene wrote the score for the film "The Love Crimes of Gillian Guess" which is directed by Bruce McDonald and stars Joely Collins, Hugh Dillon and Ben Bass. It is described as "a wild ride through the mind of a real-life tabloid victim" and is set to premiere at the 2004 Toronto Film Festival. With all the TIFF talks floating around on Toronto blogs lately, this little piece of news was definitely the kick in the butt I needed to strongly consider picking up tickets to at least a couple of festival films.

BTW, the news of the Apostle of Hustle in-store at Soundscapes in Toronto, that Frank mentioned today...the e-mail update from Arts and Crafts which I received indicates it starts at 8 pm, on August 29, 2004.

I've finally given in...I'm getting a cellphone. Nothing fancy. It doesn't play mp3's. It doesn't take pictures. I purchased the phone online through the The Shopping Channel yesterday. The great thing is that I purchased it at the 'Showstopper' price so I bought it at a pretty good discount; the regular price was $239.00[before taxes] and I bought it for $129.96[before taxes]. It's also Pay-As-You-Go, so no lengthy contracts! I am now officially 'connected'. Rest easy, you'll never see me driving and speaking on the phone at the same time; believe me, it ain't easy when you drive standard.

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