Monday, August 23, 2004

Music Sounds Better With You

flash mob: photo from dates supporting Air in the U.S. were added to the tourdates section of the Stereolab site, with the rest of the Stereolab shows for this year to be added tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers for a Toronto date!!!

First flash mobs. Now mobile clubbing. [from The Globe and Mail]

As usual, the CMJ Music Marathon this year in New York, between October 13-16, looks so amazing. And what better way to ring in autumn! I hope the Paperbag Records showcase goes well!

Shaolin Soccer out on DVD tomorrow! Can't wait to see it. Zhao Wei [from So Close] is in it. Hmmm.

Saturday Looks Good To Me who are hitting the road with The Sunshine Fix, will likely be in Hamilton, Ontario on October 21, 2004 at The Underground which I'm considering driving down the QEW for. Funny that the Toronto date venue still has not been confirmed yet. By the way, I'm relatively new to the band, and I picked up a used copy of their CD "All Your Summer Songs" which is so wonderful. The Motown/Phil Spector comparisons really ring true. I love the echoe-y sound and tuneful guitar arrangements. Reminds me of The Aislers Set alot. And that's a good thing.

So while checking out info on SLGTM, I was browsing the Polyvinyl Records site and decided to check out the Of Montreal page, from which I surfed to the official Of Montreal website where I downloaded some of their mp3's. This is a band I've come across in print many times, but never made the effort to check out their music. Wow. I'm really sorry I never checked out their music sooner. It's so vibrant, exhuberant and unabashedly poppy! I'm really glad Of Montreal are on tour and will be coming to Toronto on September 25, 2004[venue still TBA].

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