Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Fans, first and foremost

Matt Sharp:photo from it's just trendy, but it seems like every band is releasing a DVD nowadays. Now it's The Fall, Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and in the planning stages, The Libertines. Pitchfork reports on the upcoming The Fall DVD, chartattack on the Blur "Starshapes" DVD, Soul Shine Magazine on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' DVD, while the news update today at The Libertines' site, is asking fans with any video footage, etc, to submit footage for a planned DVD release in the future.

Matt Sharp of Weezer and The Rentals will be at the Horseshoe, October 13! Tickets, $10, at Horseshoe, Rotate This and Soundscapes.

Using The Arcade Fire and their earliest mention in the music blogging community as a barometer of 'coolness', 10:51 am Toronto declares itself to not be as cool as they once thought after finding out several blogs have mentioned The Arcade Fire much earlier, most notably Tiny Mix Tapes in January 2004 and Said The Gramophone even earlier than that. ...Hey, I've been on The Arcade Fire tip since seeing them at last year's(yes October 2003) Pop Montreal festival, and I even declared their indie e.p. as one of my favourite CD's of 2003. So who's the coolest now? ;-)

There's a Julie Doiron article over at Soul Shine Magazine. She talks about moving to the suburbs, the recording of the new album, and the possibility of another Eric's Trip reunion in the future.

The Thrills' web site has undergone a redesign. For the better? I think not. I miss the streaming audio that launched automatically with their old site design. :-(

Iain Ellis at Popmatters writes a flattering and condensed history of Guided By Voices' career.

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