Saturday, September 18, 2004

Vacation's all I ever wanted

CN Tower: photo by Mike LigonAre you coming to Toronto for vacation? Besides all the tourist-y things you'll be doing likely taking pictures[ad nauseum] of the CN Tower and City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square, you'll also want to do some shopping while you're here, right? The most recent issue of NOW presents it's guide to cheap shopping in Toronto! I probably haven't been to about half of these places since I live in the suburbs of Mississauga(just outside of Toronto) but a cursory glance of NOW's picks reveals some places I haven't heard of before, like some of the record stores.

According to chartattack, Joel Plaskett's releasing a new solo CD soon, without The Emergency, and also had planned to film a live DVD at The Marquee Club in Halifax on September 17(yesterday). There were rumours that the two-set performance was to have some special guest...Anyone in Halifax go to this yesterday? Please tell!

Yahoo repots that ex-Fine Young Cannibals David Steele has found a a vocalist for his U.K.-based neo-soul act Fried. It is 24-year-old ex-gospel singer Jonte Short who Steele met two years ago, when Short was performing at a club in her hometown of New Orleans. I'm particularly excited because Fried's new CD features a guest appearance by Portishead vocalist Beth Gibbons!...Fried apparently have not made it to North America yet, but check out the CD review at

Purchased my ticket for the PJ Harvey show(happening on October 15 at the Phoenix in Toronto) through yesterday. (Yes, I've accepted the fact that I won't be able to get a trip together[ie. getting friends to go, making arrangements, what-have-you] to go to the CMJ Music Marathon this year, but I'll have to compensate by going to a shitload of shows in Toronto in October!)

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