Sunday, November 21, 2004

In Exile Deo

Juliana Hatfield: photo from Hatfield's touring in December along the northern U.S. east coast and upper midwest, and I would think Toronto'll make the cut for a date sometime early next year, hopefully. Her most recent album "In Exile Deo" came out in May of this year. [photo credit(left): Danny Clinch]

Just a reminder, but the Badly Drawn Boy show originally scheduled for November 26 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre will now be held at the Palais Royale. I've never been there. I've read that it used to feature alot of swing greats back in the 1920's and it has the only sprung, cantilever hardwood floor in the country. [I heard the floor has a bounce to it!] Parking shouldn't be an issue because the lots along Sunnyside Beach are free. This show should be great!

Esthero's site[on one of the introductory splash pages] is streaming her new song "We R In Need of a Musical Revolution". It's quite a departure from her trip-hop, downtempo roots. It still has soul but is slightly more rock-oriented than I would have expected. It's a good song though. Also, according to the news update yesterday, her "We R In Need of a Musical Revolution" EP release date has been pushed back indefinitely.

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