Tuesday, December 14, 2004

All That Glitters

Death In VegasAccording to NME, Death In Vegas will be releasing a 2 disc best-of compilation in early 2005, which reminds me that I really should get more acquainted with my Death In Vegas CD's. With influences that straddle the line between electronic music and conventional rock instrumentation, the guys have some haunting tracks like "Aisha" and "Dirge" off of "The Contino Sessions". Their more recent album "Scorpio Rising" never made it to my essential purchases. However, I've always been intrigued by the band who've had some of the most interesting collaborations ever with the likes of Iggy Pop, Dot Allison, Bobby Gillespie(of Primal Scream) and Liam Gallagher(of Oasis). The new disc will feature 11 tracks on the first CD and a second CD of remixes. Should be interesting to say the least. [photo credit above http://../]

A bit of housekeeping. With regards to my previous post, I've now provided the hyperlink below to Madrid's website. They are based in Toronto and I highly recommend you check 'em out if you are a fan of IDM.

The new issue of Magnet Magazine pays tribute to Elliott Smith with a cover story. The new issue also spotlights "20 key albums of the year and 10 others that slipped under the crack".

Billboard reports that Ivy will release its new album "In the Clear" through Nettwerk on March 1, 2005. The new 10-track disc will include guest vocals from Girls Against Boys' Scott McCloud dueting with Ivy's Dominique Durand and apparently will meld the electronic textures of its last full-length "Long Distance" with the more guitar-oriented sound of the earlier albums.

More Cowbell has a bittorrent of some Arcade Fire x'mas tracks and he points to jeddeth who has the 411 on how these tracks came to light.

chromewaves and My Mean Magpie have their best-of 2004 CD lists up.

PopMatters lists its TOP 100 ALBUMS OF 2004.

Stylus lists its TOP TEN BEST MOVIES OF 2004 as well as some individual staff top ten lists.

Metric are to tour select cities in January(including a date on January 17th at The Mod Club Theatre) as well as start recording for the second full-length. [from Soul Shine Magazine]

A feature interview with Julie Doiron appears over at Splendid.

The Mcenroe Show(on CNBC, weekdays at 10 pm and 1 am on cable television in the Greater Toronto Area) will air Luna's performance of "Malibu Love Nest" tonight, Tuesday December 14th Wednesday December 15th. [from Luna's official site]

The dates for the 2005 Noise Pop Festival in San Francisco have been set for February 22-27 and the opening night will feature Ted Leo / The Pharmacists. The 2005 Noise Pop Festival will feature such artists[and if you think I'll be hyperlinking all of these you must be insane] as Joanna Newsom, Rogue Wave, Amon Tobin, Mates of State, Portastatic, Comets on Fire, The Velvet Teen, Bettie Serveert, Les Georges Lenigrad, Nada Surf, High on Fire, Nicolai Dunger, The Fucking Champs and Polyphonic Spree. It would be great just to see and hear all those amazing artists but I also hear that San Francisco is a great city to visit.

The Zoobombs are coming back to Canada in March 2005 during Canadian Music Week, although from what I understand from Dan Burke's post at 20hz, The Zoobombs appearance will not be part of the official Canadian Music Week schedule. Similar to Mr. Burke's organization of the gig earlier this year featuring Death From Above, Tangiers, controller.controller, Uncut, and Magneta Lane at The Comfort Zone in Toronto during NXNE but which was not officially part of it, The Zoobombs show during next year's Canadian Music Week promises to be pure rock n' roll.

Magneta Lane's video for "The Constant Lover" will be released in January. New tour dates also to follow. Head over to the band's site to hear the streaming version of "The Constant Lover".

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