Thursday, December 30, 2004


The Cult The National Post comments on and interviews some Canadian music luminaries about how one's first concert can be a life-changing event. For me, my first real concert was The Cult who played the Skydome in the late 80's, on tour for their album "Sonic Temple". I remember going with a bunch of friends from highschool, taking the GO Train downtown, then finding out that our seats were practically FRONT ROW, and of course, I didn't have any earplugs. Regardless, I had the best time in my life, even if my ears were ringing for the next day or so. Since then I've grown out of The Cult's music. It hasn't aged well and/or kept in tune with my musical tastes, although in retrospect, I think I could still enjoy "Electric" . Still, that concert was a defining moment in my life and one I'll never forget. [photo from http://../]

eye gets in on the top 10 list trend with its Class of 2004 issue. Oh heck, check out the issue yourself. Too many links, and not just music either.

Liz at Excellent Online has posted quite a thoughtful list of her favourite songs of 2004...or as she puts it her "A to Y of 2004 in 99 songs (or 6 hours, 11 minutes and 41 seconds of pure melody)". Now if I only had an iPod.

I'm going skiing today!

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