Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Float On

'And we'll all float on, ok' - Modest MouseTiny Mix Tapes gets all list-y on us with its own top 25 albums of 2004 list. Further yet they compile a second list called TMT B-Sides that are favourites of the TMT staff as well, but which lean more towards the experimental side of things. Check out the right side bar at Tiny Mix Tapes as well for some year-end articles and links to individual staff lists which should more than tide one over with reading material for the holidays. Merry Christmas Tiny Mix Tapes!

Further music-reading material to tide you over the holidays. The latest e-issue[#20] of Sponic Zine is now up. Alot of good music reading including 2004 top 10 lists, and articles on The Arcade Fire and Saturday Looks Good To Me.

The Big Ticket's #17 song pick of 2004 is Modest Mouse's "Float On" which just happens to be my favourite song of 2004. The part when the band sings "Don't worry even if things get a bit too heavy, we'll all float on, alright" is so glorious, and the way the song sort of marches along at that point makes me giddy. If anything, I always feel good after listening to it. [photo above from http://../]

Foxymoron has posted her list of her 5 favourite music releases of 2004.

chartattack staff pick their favourite music releases of 2004.

Pitchfork's top reissues, singles and albums of 2004.

CBC Radio 3 presents the top 20 of 2004 music picks of New Music Canada, all dressed up with streaming audio of songs from each of its album picks. The list includes a couple of my favourite songs of 2004: The Organ's "Memorize The City" and controller.controller's "Disco Blackout".

There's a brief interview with The Organ over at chartattack.

Newly posted interview with Mr. Sondre Lerche over at three imaginary girls.

Check out the second instalment of popMatters' look at music shopping. [or read part one]

Greg Dulli discusses with Maxim the art of covering other artists' songs. [from Summer's Kiss] gets into the holiday mood with a free x'mas mp3 download of a christmas song[see December 22/04 news update] called "Old Toy Trains" performed by Dean Wareham, Britta Phillips and Sonic Boom.

A Christmas message from Coldplay. [from rocksnob (see blogpost dated 22-12-2004)]

A special e-card for the holidays from Ben Lee and New West Records. The song playing during the e-card is called "Catch The Disease" and is totally charming.

24 hours of A Christmas Story on TBS starting this Friday at 8 pm EST / 7 pm central. What could be a better way to spend Christmas Eve than that?

'Scared of Santa' photo gallery. Priceless. ;-) [from kingblind]

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