Friday, December 17, 2004

Wake Up

Arcade Fire - Olympic Island(August 2004): photo by Mike LigonThere's a torrent of The Arcade Fire show at The Commodore Ballroom(Vancouver, BC) on December 12, 2004 over at Also, Pitchfork reports that the band has signed to Rough Trade Records in the UK who will distribute "Funeral" over there, possibly with an extra track. The UK release date of "Funeral" is set for February 28, 2005. Pitchfork also reports that the band has filmed a video for "Rebellion (Lies)", although no release date has yet been confirmed.

The Thrills offer their music picks over at chartattack, as part of the site's Holiday Gift Guide series.

The Wandering Step kindly sent me a free CD single of their x'mas tune, "Christmas At My House", which is a fine and dandy indie holiday pop song. I can't remember how(or if) I sent away for this but it was a nice surprise to receive this in the mail today. The MP3 Blog over at Poptones is hosting a download of the song at the moment[scroll down to the 02.12.2004 post]

Poptones artist, Special Needs, offer a free download of their 3-song Christmas E.P.

Soul Shine Magazine interviews Hope of The States.

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