Monday, October 11, 2004

Cum On Feel The Noize

Bran Van 3000: photo from anyone else seen the Excel Gum television commercial recently? I'm pretty sure the song in the commercial was Bran Van 3000's cover of "Cum on feel the noize". Then I was watching Muchmusic and they had a special program called "Love/Hate" which was all about dating and relationships and at the end of the show they played Bran Van's video for "Astounded" which I haven't seen for ages. Two Bran Van 3000 references in the span of one day. Hmmm. Anyone know if the band'll be releasing anything soon?

controller.controller have a new message board at their site...oh and their tour with The Organ starts this Wednesday, which reminds me that I should pick a ticket for The Organ's Toronto show before it's all sold out. Rotate This is already sold out of their allotment.

There's a new interview with Tegan (of Tegan and Sara) over at three imaginary girls.

Thanksgiving Day news update over at Three Gut Records. Three Gut bands will be playing the CMJ Music Marathon this week...of interest(at least to me) is that Woolly Leaves(aka Will from The Constantines) will be opening one of the nights. BTW, I've never heard of this side project. Is it new? Anyways, here's an mp3 of a song called "Never Ending Song About Nothing". It's a very nice song in an Elliot-Smith sort of way.

Aversion reports that The Hives will be rereleasing two earlier releases on October 25th, including their 1997 album "Barely Legal" and their 1998 E.P. "a.k.a. I-D-I-O-T".

Exciting, for me at least, I got an e-mail response today from Erin Moran(aka A Girl Called Eddy) [well, I hope it was her] as I had sent her an e-mail complimenting her on her wonderful self-titled CD as well as asking her to please come to Toronto to perform live. I suggested The Mod Club Theatre as an appropriate venue. She's currently only on tour in Europe so hopefully she'll make it across the pond soon.

"I am, I am...I am Superman, and I can do anything"... R.I.P., Christopher Reeve.

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